1. yocalio:

    No star before Grace had ever posed with her hair wet as she rose from the water. No star had ever been seen wearing her glasses. No star had ever been photographed without makeup, wearing an oversized shirt that did nothing to show off her figure. No star would have been shown munching an orange or lounging with a pillow.

    You trusted Grace’s beauty.” - Photographer, Howell Conant

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  2. omgthatdress:

    Devant de Corsage

    late 19th century


  3. Judy Garland in The Harvey Girls

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  4. dasboo:

    When this moment comes, I will be ready.

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  6. Ava Gardner c. 1948

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  7. kisu-no-hi:

    "Am I too sensitive or do I have the right to actually to be upset?" A musical.

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    "You’re gonna do great today"

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    Marilyn Monroe

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  11. sytycdcritique:

    Valerie - “What I like About You” - Tap

    I really like all of Valerie’s tap choreography. The way she uses the music and lyrics in her dances is great (her over the tops.) Valerie should probably win an award for cutest contestant ever at this point and I almost didn’t notice she wasn’t wearing her red tap shoes! Great solo! :)

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  15. sailorv:

    What I’ve Learned from Lingerie
    Remember that post I promised half a year ago? It’s up on the blog (finally).

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